Friday, September 14, 2012


Today I saw barfi, a different and a very beautiful movie. After a long long time a sensible Indian movie has hit our theaters. Barfi is worth watching over and over again.
Barfi is a story of hope, love, the joy of living in the moment and of the guilt and regret of letting go of the people you love.Barfi is visually appealing and beautifuly stitched together movie.

The movie is about Barfi, Ranbir Kappor's character and his journey in small town of Darjeeling with some really well acted characters by Priyanka Chopra, Saurabh shukla, and Illena Dcruz.
The movie does not have even one boring moment it keeps you interested even after the movie ends.The story of the movie is simple and yet beautiful with amazing performances by all actors.
Barfi will keep you glued to the seat and will linger in your memory even after you leave the theatre's.
I recommend Barfi as a must watch and I feel it is one of the best Indian commercial cinema to hit our theatre in a real long time after pathetic movies like joker and ek tha tiger.
Barfi is just super,awesome and amazing.
I am intentionally not revealing anything about the story or plot of the movie, as I don't want to spoil even a single moment of your's when in theatres. Barfi is the kind of movie which touches your heart with its sheer simplicity and leaves you mesmerized in the world of Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Illena Druz.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Force - Movie Review.

Starring:- John Abraham,Mohnish Behl,Genelia,Vidyut
Direction:- Nishikant Kamat of Mumbai Meri Jaan Fame
IMDB Link:-

Force is one word is awesome cop movie.If you enjoy action. this is at an awesome and sincere attempt at making a meaningful cop & underworld movie.

        Its very different than the usual masala is churned to Indian auidence.FORCE is very mature,the plot and story-line are amazing and very nicely portrayed by all the actors, though John needs to work on his crying skills still, But he has evolved  from his last movie as an actor.
The new villain "VIDYUT" has also acted well.

I don't want to reveal the plot here, but I would say that its a toughie cop movie with very convincing action scenes.the story is also pretty good and the climax is also very convincing.

John is looking his sexiest in this movie and has surpasses many actors in a COP role.This movie is millions times better than the recent idiot-ism filled movie called SINGHAM. Genelia is also amazing. If you see this movie you will for sure fall in love with Genelia she looking that cute.

I give the movie 4 out of 5 stars.
Go and watch it . Its an awesome movie.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Source Code

AJ,s Take:-       Awesome,great script,amazing story and top of notch direction.

Ratings:-           4.5 out of 5 Stars.

Cast:-                 Jake GyllenhaalMichelle MonaghanVera Farminga.

IMDB Link:-        Source Code

Runtime :-           1 Hour 27 minutes.

The Movie "Source Code" starts with Jake Gyllenhaal regaining consciousness and  finding himself sitting across Michelle Monaghan in train bound to Chicago and he suddenly finds himself trapped in a body of someone else and cant recollect how he came into that train and why is Michelle Monaghan calling him Shawn Fennters (a teacher) while he thinks he is a US-Army pilot posted in Afghanistan and he cant recollect why and how everything is strange around him suddenly.He checks himself out in the mirror and finds he has a completely diffrent face of someone he doesn't recognize and suddenly the train gets blown into pieces by a powerful blast.

And after the blast again Jake Gyllenhaal finds himself in a dark capsule with just a monitor in front of him and Vera Fermiga looking at him through it calling herself Collen Goodwill and asking Jake Gyllenhaal to recollect what he just saw and the name the person who blew the train. Jake Gyllenhaal can barely understand what she is talking and why isn't he in Afghanistan with his unit, While Vera Fermiga repeatedly asks him to recollect what he just saw and tells him that hes a soldier on a mission called "Source Code" to find the bomber who has just bombed a train in Chicago and is planning to detonate a Radioactive bomb in matter of few hours and he has been sent in the past to find the culprit with help of a computer program called "Source Code".

Now "Source Code" is a software designed to use the time for which a humans brain remains active and alive even after his death which is precisely to be 8 minutes, So Jake Gyllenhaal has been ported into  Shawn Fennters body who died in the bomb blast on that particular train and sent into the past which is supposedly a parallel time string and  now he has to find out who planted the bomb there so the US Army can prevent more bombs  from getting detonated. 

Then after making Jake Gyllenhaal's character understand what he is suppposed to do by going into the past 
he is repeatedly sent into past for 8 minutes exactly everything to try and connect all the signs and all and try and find the bomber and so  a series of events happen in which all high packed action and intense drama takes place and Jake Gyllenhaal falls in love with Michelle Monaghan's character.

The makers of  "Source Code " think it cant change the future but it can be just utilized to know about the exact things happened in past but Jake Gyllenhaal proves them wrong and even tries to save the bomb from detonating which has already happened and even gets a long long kiss with Michelle Monaghan .

Well the move is fast paced , it stays with the plot and story line, theres never a dull movement in the entire movie, it keeps u on the edge of your seat, it keeps you very much interested and leaves you bitting your nails in anxiety and trust me you just cant predict whats gonna happen next in the movie . The movie Source Code is really that good .

The move is narrated very well you get caught in the real and source code world and then the protagonist wants to be in the source code rather than the real life where he is told that hes actually dead.

Source Code is a must watch will entertain you immensely . Just go and catch it ASAP.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Roommate

AJ's  Shorttake :-       The Movie "The Roommate" to say the least sucks ..

Ratings:-                      half out of 5 satrs.

Cast:-                            Leighton Meester(Rebecca-Schizophrenic), Minka Kelly(Sara Matthews).

IMDS LINK:-               The Roommate

The Roommate starts with Minka Kelly entering into to a fashion college and meeting Leighton Meester whos her new roommate.Leighton Meester plays a physcotic girl who in her way of proving herself as the best freind material to her roommate Minka Kelly gets obsessive and goes out her way to make a world better place for her roomate Minka Kelly and turns out to be a real pain in the ass kinda friend .

Leighton Meester plays a physcotic girl very well . the movie is very very predictive and theres nothing new to the story or the plot or the screenplay of the movie The Roommate.

Leighton Meester does a string of things to prove her worth as a friend to her roommate Minka Kelly by getting rid of Minka Kelly's ex boyfriend for her after having phone-sex with him and later killing him for no apparent reason and wasting your time  by making the audience watch such useless scenes which were never needed in the movie, then making the sexual pervert professor of Minka Kelly (Played by Billy Zane) leave the college by bringing his sexual advances towards his students in front of the college authorites.

Then by kissing a girl whos supposingly Minka Kellys friend to get Minka Kellys attention and series of such useless event follow and then suddenly you realize that the credits have started to roll and the movie has come to end and you make yourself another promise that you will never go to watch such a pathetic and boring movie again and try not to think why in the world you wasted your money to see such useless shit.

In all "The Roommate" is pathetic and theres nothing else to look for in The Roommate than to look at wafer thin structures of Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester.

Dum Maaro Dum

AJ's Shorttake:-  Nice Movie,Great Cinematography,Catchy Dialogues but should have had a better direction.                      

STARS :-             3 out of 5.

IMDB Link :-     Dum Maro Dum - Additional Info & Resources


The movie Dum Maaro Dum is set in Goa,and the backdrop is Goa's drug culture.Dum Maaro Dum revolves around 3 primary characters and the effect they have on their life and how they get tangled in the drug mafia of Goa.
      The script is okay and the screenplay is fine.Abhishek's characters dialogues are refreshing and
entertaining in an adult sense.Jr. B has performed well in playing a corrupt cop who
later turns into a imandar police officer later after a trgaedy in which he loses his family.

Pratiek Babbar has tried to portray a minor who gets caught at airport in drug trafficking
Bipasha Basu plays eye candy to audience and aditya pancholi whos the drug lord of Goa,
Rana Duggabati is bips teenage love and a singer turned out loser after losing Bips to Aditya Pancholi's character in the movie Dum Maro Dum.
The movies story line is intriguing but at the same time is very predictable too. Dum Maaro Dum attempts suspense and Quentin Tarantino's style story telling but the director Rohan Sippy isn't good at copying the hollywood ace.

Deepika Padhukone is just that for a item song but gawd she totally kills it, Shes awesome in the song you cant move your eye balls anywhere else when deepika padhukone is dancing to Dum Maaro Dum song.
Shes awesome,sexy,beyond the usually senseousness of a bollywood item song to say the lsit.

 The movie can be treated as a one time watch but it would turn out to be a bit entertaing
" In short Dum Maaro Dum could have done Better with a bit of Dum in it."
  Dum Maaro Dum is very bollywoodish in Story,Direction and Screenplay.
  Only Abhishek Bachchan has acted well otherwise all of others actors have failed horribly in their trial at playing their characters.

I Say Give it a try you wont be totally dissatisfied theirs something for every one in this movie .